Francois  Pastry Shop

Large Tarts and Bordalou



Peach and Pear Bordalou; filled with almond cream and topped with apricot glaze

Apple Tart; a puff pastry shell filled with a vanilla custard and topped with fresh slices of apple and apricot glaze

Apricot Tart; a sugar dough shell filled with a thin layer of raspberry preserves, almond cream and apricots, topped with apricot glaze and almonds

Large Mixed Fruit Tart; a puff pastry shell with raspberry preserves and vanilla custard topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, and kiwi with and apricot glaze.

    A variety of different traditional French pastries are displayed for purchase each day.

Remember orders are the only way to ensure that Francois will prepare your favorite pastry for that day!

Individual French Pastry Varieties:
Lemon tarts, Hazelnut-cream tarts, Italian Creams, Spacemen, Black Currant tarts, Mixed-Fruit tarts, Strawberry tarts, Almondines, Kirch Boats, Chocolate Rum Balls, Chocolate eclairs ,Cream puffs , and Petit Fours.

Visit our friend, Pete, at The Old Village Roaster.  Pick up a bag of freshly ground coffee.  Pete has a variety of perfectly brewed coffees.   Coffee and a pastry, a perfect way to treat yourself!

The Old Village Roaster

 (304) 697-1944

919 4th Ave
Huntington ,WV   25701

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