Francois  Pastry Shop

Traditional Cakes


White or Chocolate

Chocolate Raspberry: chocolate cake filled and covered with chocolate buttercream and raspberry preserves.

Italian Cream with cream cheese icing

Carrot Cake with cream cheese icing

Red Velvet

Cake Servings Sizes


6”   serves 6-8            ¼ sheet serves 24             


8”   serves 10 – 12            ½ sheet serves 48


10” serves 16 – 18            1 full sheet serves 96


12”  serves 22 -24


14”  serves 32 – 36


16”  serves 42 – 48

      Wedding cakes are one of Francois' specialties. Meet to reserve your date and discuss your dream wedding cake. Choose from traditional Buttercream, versatile Fondant, or a rich Ganache' icing. Cake flavors range from perfect white, to a smooth Italian Cream.  
Personalized cakes may also be ordered!  It may be a little ones first birthday or the celebration of you grandma's retirement.  Come to the shop with an idea in mind and let Francois finish a centerpiece that will be talked about for years!
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